Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Benefits of a Stretch Limousine Rental in Houston

The beautiful stretch limousine that pulls up to take the young lady to prom is actually a recreation of a luxury vehicle. Though a stretch limousine looks like an automobile straight from the original factory, it has undergone a complete transformation from its initial condition.

These incredible machines were first made in the 1920s to transport bands around the country. As technology has increased, so has the complication of the construction of these cars.

The first step in the lengthy process of metamorphosis is to prepare the vehicle. First, key components that won't be altered are covered for protection. The interior is then gutted.

Great care must be taken to support the structure of the vehicle before any renovating can take place. “X” braces are used to hold the basic structure in place as a special machine carefully cuts the vehicle in half.

It is then separated while up on steel rails with rollers. The parts are moved to their new position and readied to receive the framing additions. The roof is usually also separated from the original frame and raised slightly. Now the real work begins.

Each piece that is added to extend the vehicle must be custom made. Exact measurements help ensure that the added parts will blend in with the original parts of the vehicle in a seamless new creation.

The base frame's new extensions are welded into place with expert care and precision. Length is also added to parts such as the chassis, drive line, and exhaust. All the custom-made panels and other structural parts are added on before the new interior is allowed to grace the inside of the new vehicle formation.

Upgrades are also part of the construction of these amazing cars. The brakes are enhanced to support the greater weight of the vehicle. The heating and cooling systems are improved upon as well.

Other features are added to ensure a smooth, luxurious ride that is quieter than the original would have provided. Padding is added to the top of the vehicle before the vinyl top finishes it off.

This is a key part to giving the stretch limousine its luxurious appearance. An additional important added feature that few will ever see is the rubberized protection which is sprayed on its underside. The exterior of this new creation is luxury from top to bottom.

While the structural renovation is taking place, crews work diligently on creating durable, highly comfortable seating for the interior of the vehicle. Customized wet bars and other amenities that are found inside these renovated masterpieces are also readied during this time.

When the frame is back together, work begins on beautifying the inside. These are the touches that make a stretch limousine famous and make the passengers feel pampered and stylish.

The sleek, magnificent vehicle that makes a night out so memorable is a complicated piece of customized machinery. From the top to the underside, from the exterior to the interior, elegance, strength and quality are added to already well-constructed cars. The result is a stretch limousine capable of providing its passengers with an experience of a lifetime in a spectacularly renovated ride.


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